Optimize Your Podcast Workflow in 3 Easy Steps

Optimize Your Podcast Workflow in 3 Easy Steps

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Managing your podcast involves a lot of moving pieces. Without a streamlined workflow, the initial excitement of starting your podcast can quickly turn into overwhelm.

Leave behind the days of fumbling through your episode tracker, and struggling to get your episodes out on time with a streamlined podcast workflow that will set you up for success.

Not sure your workflow is streamlined for success? Let’s run through how to optimize your podcast workflow in 3 easy steps.

In this post, I’m sharing my 3 steps for an optimized podcast workflow that will help you manage your podcast tasks with ease + efficiently. And what more could we want?

1️⃣  Map Out Your Podcast Workflow Steps

There are multiple steps in a podcast workflow and even though each podcast is different, many of the steps are the same. Here are some workflow steps that I see commonly as a podcast manager. You’ll want to brainstorm your steps carefully so that in step 2, you'll have tasks to enter into your project management system.

Here’s a list of possible workflow steps to get you started:

  • Schedule a date the episode will go live
  • Write an episode outline
  • Record the episode
  • Hire an editor to edit the episode
  • Write the show notes
  • Write the episode description
  • Upload to your podcast platform - Libsyn, Buzzsprout, etc.
  • Add and schedule the post to go live on your website
  • Create the social media graphics
  • Write the social media caption copy
  • Schedule the social media posts
  • Write email newsletter copy
  • Schedule email newsletter

2️⃣  Use a Project Management System

The first and most important step is to use a project management system. There are lots of options out there, like ClickUp, Trello, Asana, TeamWork, Monday and even Notion. It’s crucial to find the one that works best for you and your business. When I become a Podcast Manager, I tried almost every Project Management system out there and kept coming back to Notion. Primarily because that’s where the rest of my business lives and for ease, I don’t want to keep going into multiple tools.

So for example if you run your business out of ClickUp, it would make sense to manage your podcast there too.

No matter where you decide to manage your podcast, having an organized system is the key to ease + efficiency. You’re more likely to keep doing your podcast if its still fun! .

Once you decide on a system, you’ll want to add these tasks you’ve written down in step one.

3️⃣  Make Space for Episode Ideas

Another step for an optimized podcast workflow is to have a space within your project management system for episode ideas. This will be your go to list of topics and ideas ready to go when you are planning episodes for the next couple of months and can move them to the publishing section once you have a date scheduled.

This list is also a great space for your Podcast Manager to jot down ideas as well. I suggest quarterly meetings with your Podcast Manager for episode brainstorming and this list will just be the springboard for that meeting.

Wrap up

A podcast is an incredible marketing tool, but you don’t realize how many steps are actually involved in getting an episode out until you start your own podcast.

Here’s the beautiful thing about podcasting: if you just want to hit record and have someone else take care of all the other details, let’s connect.

I’d love to chat and take those podcast tasks off your plate.

⬇️  Click below to schedule a Connections Call with me and learn more or check out my services page here.


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