4 Signs It Might Be Time To Hire An Online Business Manager

4 Signs It Might Be Time To Hire An Online Business Manager

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If you’ve landed here, chances are you’re already aware of the power of outsourcing to elevate your business. Maybe you have a small but powerful team or even a team with several members. No matter the size of the team, the question I get asked most is always the same?

'How will I know if I'm ready to hire an online business manager?'

Girl.. I’ve got your back. In this post I’ll share 4 signs it might be time for you to hire an online or digital business manager.  This post will cover just a few of the many signs you’ll know for sure it's time to make one of the most important decisions for your digital business.


What is an Online Business Manager?

Just to be clear, I use Digital Business Manager (DBM) and Online Business Manager (OBM) interchangeably. Even though the term Online Business Manager or OBM is used more often,  both titles label a rockstar type person that will help elevate your business. I’ve even heard the term Unicorn 🦄  used and I’m totally not against that.

Technically my title is Digital Business Manager from certification but I’ve also been called both.

Let's first cover what an OBM or DBM does, just in case these are new terms for you. Both the OBM and DBM help with the day-to-day back end of your business. Those are what I call the essential tasks that keep the wheels running in business. Tasks such as systems setup, project management, hiring, creating processes, and managing your team are where both the OBM and DBM have been trained. Depending on the business manager and their zone of genius, both roles could take on extra roles and tasks tailored to the needs of your business.

How to Know You Are Ready to Hire an Online Business Manager?

I’ll list three common ones below so when you find yourself wondering, "Am I really ready for an online business manager?" you can stop and think about these key signs.

1️⃣  It’s become clear that you are the bottleneck of your business and team

If you already have a small team of contractors, you might start to find that you are the bottleneck holding them back from doing their job. Have you ever struggled to get your team members the information they need to complete their tasks for your business? Are you holding team members up for review or approval on tasks? Both are key areas where an online business manager can step in and actually manage the team for you.

Sure it can be tough to let go of the reins, and it's even natural to have some resistance with this transition, just keep your attention focused on how you’ll turn those reclaimed hours into new clients or time for building new products.

Online business managers are trained specifically in how to manage your team members so that they stay engaged and deliver results for your online business. Some online/digital business managers have backgrounds in leadership which make them a perfect fit for taking team management off your plate.

2️⃣  Your systems are a mess

Your zone of genius might not be systems, and that's okay! But, as you continue to grow and scale, implementing the right systems is vital for your business to continue to grow. Most business managers love systems and can make sure your business is running like a well-oiled machine.

Some OBMs and DBM have services specifically designed for systems setup, for example in ClickUp or Honeybook. These are one off type projects like setting up your business or CRM  both will help you eliminate the busy work resulting in more time for you to focus on your passion.

3️⃣  You have no SOP's or processes in place

SOPs (standard operating procedures) are essential for all businesses, especially as you grow and your team expands. Making sure these key documents and processes are mapped out will be one of your online business manager's first steps to organizing your business and making things run better.

4️⃣  When your business is no longer fun

You started this business of yours to follow your passion yet somehow it turned into all tasks and no fun. ⬅️  That’s a clear sign.

I get it. Working IN your business doing all the things can become draining and overwhelming. leaving little time left to do that thing you love or those tasks that actually make the money. Outsourcing to an OBM or DBM can help you find that passion again.

Once your business manager is in place you can start Working ON again returning to the reason you started this business in the first place. Use those reclaimed hours to strategize, serve new clients or build new revenue generating products and watch your business elevate.

“If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.” - Lee Kuan Yew

So are you ready to hire an online business manager?

If any of this sounds like you ➡️  you likely need an online business manager!

I’d love to help. You can visit my services page for more information on the types of DBM services and what you can expect from working together.

Take the next step and schedule a Connections Call with me here so we can chat about your business needs.


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