5 Reasons Working with a VA is a Great Business Investment

5 Reasons Working with a VA is a Great Business Investment

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5 Reasons Working with a VA Is A Great Business Investment

If you're just starting out as a coach, capital may be too short of bringing on full-time staff. But one of the fastest ways to expand your reach with clients is to get help with those essential everyday tasks. You know the ones. Email... scheduling... invoicing…social media maintenance.

You may have heard that success requires blood, sweat, and tears. It doesn’t have to be true. Before putting in your last drops of blood, let me share five reasons working with a VA is a great investment in your life and business.

1. No Office Needed

Yep. the keyword here is Virtual. Virtual assistants can work from anywhere and it’s one of the gig’s biggest perks for you and your VA.  This will save you a great deal of money when it comes to leasing and equipping a workspace. And who needs to?  Coaching is easily done from an online platform so why not hire virtual support just the same.

Some key things to remember. When bringing on VA, ask how they function. Knowing the computer and reliable web connection is essential don’t be shy to ask if they have both.  You can also ask what hours are they available online or how often they check-in for tasks or assignments. You might find a weekly 30-minute check-in best to stay connected.

Choose the best fit that checks all the boxes for your business needs. Be patient through the process since you may need to interview several individuals before finding the right one.

2. Pay Rates Vary

Depending on experience and work overload, hourly rates will vary in the virtual assistant space. Pay rates may likewise differ depending on location.

Rates may also be higher for a knowledgeable VA with the expertise of specific software applications, like Click Up, or CRM like Convert Kit rather than someone just starting. If your budget is tight, think about starting with a newer VA. Bringing on someone who may not have tons of experience but who is eager and willing to learn can save you a few dollars but also give you the chance to grow together.

If training is important to you, there are Virtual Assistant training organizations online that offer a certification (like the one I went to) and provide a wealth of training for VAs just starting out. What’s even better is most of those online training organizations offer a “Find a VA” job board to help you find a qualified VA within their trained community just like this one here.

One more option... Hire your VA for a trial period. If you have one specific project, hire for just that project. Two to three months gives you enough time to ensure a good fit but not be locked down for example on email management tasks. Need some social media graphics, bring on a VA for just that task. By doing this, you’ll start to learn how many hours you'll require their services daily, weekly, and regular monthly to create a baseline budget plan.

3. Hire Who & When you need them

Do you want to grow your social media presence? Bring on a VA with social media experience and start from there. Need help with an overwhelming inbox?  Consider starting with one VA to take on those essential everyday tasks and expand as you need to with additional part-time VA later.

Virtual support for your business can quickly expand and grow as your business does.

Sometimes Coaches experience periods of growth and stagnation before landing into a steady business flow. So, by hiring VAs instead of permanent staff members, you can maintain your budget plan by enhancing or reducing the amount of work you're outsourcing.

The secret here is to work with VAs who can do varying amounts of work monthly rather than a VA who requires a set number of hours monthly.

And when managing all of these VA’s starts taking up too much of your profit-generating client work, I can help with that. Ask how here.

4. More Time for Clients

Think back to why you started your coaching business. To serve your clients, right? To make an impact in their lives. By having a virtual assistant or Digital Business manager at your side supporting you, you'll be able to put the focus back on your clients.

That also means more time to grow that client base. Maybe you want to add to your service offerings. With a VA taking on those essential tasks, you’ll have time to start those projects you’ve been wanting to start. Don’t forget that a VA can help with that too.

To help you maintain this focus, let your VA manage your schedule and plan business journeys and client and community management.

As your budget allows, you can start handing over additional tasks to your VAs, such as lead generation, research, and anything else that is taking away from your ability to focus on what you do best! When you bring on a new VA why not have a quick meeting to brainstorm which tasks they can take on immediately to get you relief.

5. Reduce Your Tension

As a Coach, you want to give your best to your clients, so that means you should be at your best. Having a VA can help you gain back precious hours into your life. No more long nights spent working after the kids go to bed or missed workout routines because you had so much of the essential operations work to do. If you can’t remember the last time you had free time, then you own it to yourself to invest in your life and business with a VA. You’ll experience less tension and stress and more time to spend with your family, leaving you to better serve your clients in the months and years ahead.

So what’s stopping you from hiring your first or next VA? Reach out and let me know!

Request a Proposal!


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